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fresh plant-based cuisine
for everyone

Herbs and Vegetables

Fresh Eats


Nourish u provides fresh and nourishing plant-based smoothies & cuisine.

Nourish u was founded in 2013 by Melissa Metz & Alisha Frost, sisters on a mission to bring healthy options to their community. They believe in sharing the importance of making great food choices and using non-toxic home & personal care products.


The Nourish u motto...

“When we feel better, we can do better!”.

Creating vibrant, fresh, flavorful, local or organic cuisine is our passion."


- Cheers, Melissa & Alisha


Wellness Cafe!

The Nourish u wellness cafe is located inside the Wapakoneta YMCA.  A YMCA membership is not required to visit the cafe, but why not have it all?

Visit our facebook page for more details and updates.

EAT. well

LIVE. well

BE. well


"My Family loved Nourish u!"

"Delicious and healthy food! Love everything, especially the hummus and sauces!"

"Love the healthy options."

"The food is fantastic. So unique and delicious. I think jackfruit is my new favorite!"

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